What's your office like?

My beautiful but small office/sewing room is my static home in my garden which use to be where we lived while doing the house up, but has now been part transformed for my use for Roo & Fox.

However for the last few days i have been unable to work as it has been soooo hot in there. The fans i have are just pushing the hot air around and i'm sure it is making it hotter, my machine are making noises that they haven't made before and i just can't cope or concentrate.

I hate having to stop work as i love to keep working on new and exciting products for you all but i seriously can't cope in this heat.

How are you all coping with the weather?

Are you loving it or just like me and praying for storm and rain we are due to have?

With this weather though is has made me even more determined to get a new office on the farm which has air conditioning and is warm in the winter as that will be my next problem is the cold in the winter haha. I'm not moaning as i am very lucky to have what i have and as a small business that started off by dragging my machine out in my front room everyday it is a sure improvement.

Anyway off to stick my head in the fridge and eat more ice cream.