Time out!

So you may or may not have known but i have taken a few weeks away from social media. I did this for a few reasons, one because you all went crazy for my new spring and summer collection now I always knew you would love the new fabrics but I didn't ever expect you to go as crazy as you did.

You have all blown me away and even made me cry (happy tears).

The second reason was we started lambing on the farm just 9 days after my launch so it was literally all systems go with Dan ad Phoebe helping me pack your orders, feeding lambs, helping ewes lamb and cooking food.

It was a crazy time especially as we finished our lambing in 3 weeks which has never been heard of on the farm, usually it near two months. We ended up making up random pens to put the ewes and lambs in as we ran out of space haha. This is were my creative side came out.

Anyway after time away from Social media and trying to calm things down, I am now back on it and this week is getting my head back into Roo & Fox and planning for Autumn and Winter launch, with a few surprises along the way.