Stressed business owners!!

For the last four days i have spent working on something that i have desperately been wanting to do in my business.

Four days doesn't seem like much to non business owners but when you run your business single hand and this one thing just eats away at everything you need and want to do, it is so frustrating and stressful.

As a business owner we have social media posts to sort, accounts, building relationships, forward planning for the 6 months - year, we have have products to source or in my case make, emails to send plus much much more.

So when you spend 4 days on something it is actually more like a year and then you have a lot of catching up to do.

Now don't get me wrong I absolutely love my business and my products and i wouldn't change it for anything as i have the flexibility to work when i want and to be at home but sometimes this is worse than a 'normal' job as you have to create your own structure and on top of business you do have those family/ friends commitments too.

Anyway i think i have now completed the job in hand and have my trusted fellow business friends to go over it, make sure i haven't missed something or have done something completely wrong. Then i can launch it and have something else off my heavy shoulders.

Owning and running a business is not all what it is cracked up to be and you definitely need a back bone and a heart of steal but it is worth it when it all lands into place.