Life can be hard sometimes

Lately I have been struggling with getting in a good head space as I have been spinning to many plates all at once, as we all do from time to time.

So I sat down worked our where I want to be and how I going to get there.

I have been reading some great books, Darren Stanton and The jam jar project and Jen Sinclair and her two books on ' You are a badass' collection. These books have helped me clear my mind and get the focus I needed to make my future what I decide I want it to be.

Vision boards, daily meditating (5 mins of peace on the loo haha) and writing and saying out loud things that I believe and will happen has been amazing for me.

Focus on Roo & Fox has changed as I have changed the way things will be working in order for me to be more productive and less running around like a headless chicken, as running a business is bloody hard and then to chuck being a mum, a farmer and a general dogs body for everyone just adds to it all and we all need our own time to grow as people.

So with that I have taken a little step back from the farm and on the days the kids go to college and pre-school I am completely devoted to growing Roo & Fox and taking it to the next level.

With this i have listened to you my lovely customers and supporters, you asked for more patterns and patterned fabric you shall get, however i will only be making limited numbers and once they are sold they are sold.

I will be adding team members to help me with back office things and would love to make Roo & Fox a franchise, where you mums at home who need a extra bit of money can earn it while also looking fabulous in our Roos.

Thank you so much for always being there and supporting us, it really does mean the world to us and we are so grateful.

Right off to go plan some more of next year, have a great day all and speak to you all soon.

Zallah x

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