Life can be hard sometimes

Lately I have been struggling with getting in a good head space as I have been spinning to many plates all at once, as we all do from time to time.

So I sat down worked our where I want to be and how I going to get there.

I have been reading some great books, Darren Stanton and The jam jar project and Jen Sinclair and her two books on ' You are a badass' collection. These books have helped me clear my mind and get the focus I needed to make my future what I decide I want it to be.

Vision boards, daily meditating (5 mins of peace on the loo haha) and writing and saying out loud things that I believe and will happen has been amazing for me.

Focus on Roo & Fox has changed as I have changed the way things will be working in order for me to be more productive and less running around like a headless chicken, as running a business is bloody hard and then to chuck being a mum, a farmer and a general dogs body for everyone just adds to it all and we all need our own time to grow as people.

So with that I