Its nearly time!!!!

Yes, its nearly time.

School holidays are nearly over, even though they were extended for months and are you even a true parent if you haven't hid in the toilet at some point for 5 minutes peace as the little devils just won't leave you alone haha.

If you are on our social media you will have seen that our little Molly has been a true pain in the backside, painting the cat and the carpet, drawing on everything, you name it she has done it and all in a few months.

Roll on 14th September when she starts pre-school and goes two and a half days a week. I will be able to get some sort of routine in place and put everything and more Roo & Fox.

We do have new ranges coming up and lots of planning going on for Spring and Summer next year. I'm so excited to get the prototypes made up and see what they look like in real life.

Anyway I best run off as I can hear the bathroom tap running and it is only molly and me in the house.

Have a fab day everyone x