How to move forward and keep your business going?

Having and running your own business is very hard, not only do you have to keep on top of the accounts, social media, laws and regulations etc but you also have to come up with new and exciting products.

As you all know all my products are handmade so coming up with these ideas is fun but also very hard. There are so many factors i need to take into account before i make them.

Will my customers like them?

Is there a need for them?

What fabric use?

How long do they take me to make?

How much will it cost to make?

These are just a few decisions and questions i ask myself each time i bring out a new product or range.

I have had many sleepless nights asking myself these questions, answering them each time in my head and then each time giving a different answer ( Yes, the mind does play tricks).

Sometimes my decisions don't work out for the best and i have lost money and time but it's all in the name of business moving forward and learning.

What the biggest decision you have made lately?

Feel free to share in the comments

Have a great weekend all as it is a hot one.

Enjoy your family and speak to you all soon.

Stay safe

Zallah xx

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