Having a business bestie!

Yes, that's right.

When you start a business and through out your journey you need at least one business bestie.

These people are the ones you bounce your ideas off, they are honest with you and tell you if it's crap or it's good, or if you have lost the plot completely.

My business bestie is Dawn Hurd from Hurd & Co (go check her out) and i know some of you think well how can they be best buddies when they are in the same industry. Well let me tell you just because we are in the same industry doesn't mean we can't work together, in fact it's what makes us work the best.

We know how the industry works, we know the pressures and we are there to pick each other up when the industry throws a massive curve ball at us.

Your business bestie will soon turn into family, they are someone you go to when you have had enough, they are there when you can't work something so simple out and they are there to make you laugh when you have already lost the plot and start eating birthday cake with a spoon.

So a tip from me find a business bestie, it may not be at the very beginning of your journey but it will be someone very special, listen to each other and support each other.

Don't forget if you would like to start your own business, please feel free to email me and i will do my best to help you with any questions you may have.

Zallah xx

Business owner at Roo & Fox

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