Do you ever stop?

I get asked this all the time and the answer was always No, not really but since lockdown and getting older i have now realised that it is so important to make time for me and just stop and chill.

This is still very hard for me to do between juggling being mum to a teenager and a nearly three year old, a sheep farmer, a partner, looking after grandparents and running my own business, i do still get a little lost in being busy all the time.

I tried waking up early in the morning and having those extra 30 mins to myself but waking up at 4.30/5am was not a option as i ended up just doing things that needed to be done but do them in peace like putting washing on or sorting out cupboards etc, you know all those jobs that is so much easier without everyone around lol.

Now i just try and grab at least 10 mins each day whether it is out walking the dogs, sat in the hay barn or sat in my office just sitting in peace and quiet.

I am more focused on trying to improve myself by doing more reading and more small courses, this in turn will help me be better with my business which will help me get those dreams i am dreaming about all the time.

Do you have dreams/goals?

What are they?

Have you got a plan or are you just hoping they all fall in place?

Yep, i know exactly what you mean. I've been there but know this, the more time you focus on yourself and take that time out and STOP, the better and quicker you will make those dreams and goals a reality.

So my advice today is go and pick up that book, go and sign up for that course, go and put your music up load and dance away.

Whatever it is go and have time for you and make yourself feel better.

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