Do something for you

As a mum and a business owner this is something I hear all the time but always thought to the person saying it, oh yes come on love live in the real world, I mean we are so busy doing all the things we need to do when do we actually get time for us'

Sound familiar

Of course it does as I sure when you read the title you had a little inside laugh and said the same.

Well today I am telling you, you have permission to go and do something this week, this month and this year to do the things you want to do.

Ok, I know we are currently in lockdown but I am sure there are things that you can still do that you want to do.

Maybe it read a book or even writing your own book, having a quiet bath for 30 mins, having a lie in once a week, going horse riding, having a weekend away by yourself, learning a new skill or craft, or even starting your own business.

Whatever it is go and bloody do it. Life is to short for what ifs and maybe, maybe nots.

Just go and do it

After years of fighting depression, suicidal thoughts, bullying, not feeling worthy or loved, feeling like a failure and much more. I am stood here (ok sat here) with my own successful business working for myself, I am confident, I love myself more and know that everything and every situation is giving to us to help us grow.

Who would of thought a mum at 16, fighting with herself for years, turning a corner and doing something she wanted to do.

Ok, owning and running your own business is not a bed of roses and is very stressful at times but in order to get where I want to be I have to put in the work.

So my lovely friend what are you going to do for yourself today, tomorrow, this week, this month, this year?

Feel free to reply to this message and tell me what you are going to do and if I can I will help you get there and do it.

much love

Zallah xx

Roo & Fox creator and founder

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