Christmas season

I know a lot of you think i'm absolutely crazy mentioning Christmas in July but as a business owner, we have to make sure we are on top of the latest fashion trends and seasons.

I always used to think businesses were crazy for releasing Christmas so early but now i am in it myself i completely understand why and i don't think you can really appreciate until you are a business owner yourself.

So yes i have stockings out for pre-order already and i released and sold our of my first lot of Roo pillows in 5 days (yay) but it is all to get myself organised and make sure i am not sewing still Christmas week like i was last year.

I have decided to do it different this year and that is to actually give myself two weeks off Roo & Fox over Christmas. My posts will be scheduled, i will however be on twice a day to reply to comments etc and see how you are all doing, I won't be sewing at all for two weeks either.

Christmas is a time for family and friends and i really want to have that back this year.