Being a mum at 16

I was walking around college not feeling great, trying to figure out which room I had to be in as I hadn't long started. I choose to do health and social care NVQ level 2 as my dream career at the time was to be a paramedic or social worker. I knew I always wanted to help people to feel better or feel good about themselves.

When I got home I snuggled in bed and went to sleep, when I woke up in the morning I still didn't feel great and my mum asked me if I was pregnant, I laughed and said not a chance. I mean yes my boyfriend who I was banned from seeing was much older (7 years in fact) and yes I had forgotten a few times to take my pill but I was 16 those things don't happen to someone like me.

Anyway off I went to the Drs and still remember exactly how it went that day. I walked into the drs room by myself as my younger sister and mum wanted to wait in the waiting room, My lovely Dr sat me down and said 'Zallah, you are pregnant!!!!

The next words out of my mouth were 'Omg, my dad is going to kill me'

I don't think the Dr expected that reply but was so nice and told me not to worry and it would all be ok. I came out the waiting room and got my mum and asked the Dr to tell her as I didn't know what she was going to say.

Thankfully both my parents although shocked their selves they were always supportive of my decision to keep the baby.

After a rough start to the pregnancy with sickness and fainting all the time, including a embarrassing moment in my local Argos where I fainted outside near Christmas time and I remember coming round to a woman asking me how much I had to drink haha, when I told her I was pregnant her face was a picture.

I had all the dirty looks as I got more rounded and putting more weight on. One incident in particular was in WHSmith and I was about 6/7 months pregnant and a old lady come up to me and told me ' You should be ashamed of yourself'

Wow, what a kick in the teeth that was, I didn't even know the lady she was a complete stranger. I went home and cried my eyes out and was absolutely heart broken.

Is that what everyone actually thought?

Am I an embarrassment to my family?

The next day I woke up and decided that from that day on I was going to prove everyone wrong, I was going to raise my child, have a career and not by the stereotypical young mum and that is exactly what I have done.

Ok, I am not a paramedic but I worked myself up to a ambulance care assistant and volunteer first responder which I gave up when I have my youngest Molly three years ago but I am now a proud business owner of Roo & Fox and I help mums feel good about themselves and help with easier everyday life.

My mission for Roo & fox is to give young mums a fighting chance at being the best they can be by offering them roles in my company and having the confidence to believe in themselves.

If you are a young mum reading this, just know I have your back and I am always here for any advice you want.

Lots of Love

Zallah xx

P.s my Daughter Phoebe is now the face of Roo & Fox so you will have seen her in most of my photos, including the one below.

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