Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Hey there,

You may have seen that we just had our first business birthday and wow what a year it has been, lots of tears (happy and sad), lots of wins and losses but most importantly lots of growth as a business and as people.

Starting your own business can be a easy thing to do but keeping it going now that is the hardest bit, making sure you keep up to date with the latest trends, working out how social media works (yes, it is a lot more complicated for businesses), the late nights and early mornings, losing out on family time plus so much more.

So i thought i would share the top 5 things i have learnt in my first year of business.

1) PATIENCE- You need lots of patience to be a business owner.

From waiting for deliveries, email responses, calls and even selling your products. It doesn't happen over night and you won't make that million pound you are dreaming of just by the click of a button but you will learn that patience does play a massive part in it.

So no central heating for us yet but we will get there. (yes our farm house has no central heating, we only have log burners in the front rooms to heat the house).