Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Hey there,

You may have seen that we just had our first business birthday and wow what a year it has been, lots of tears (happy and sad), lots of wins and losses but most importantly lots of growth as a business and as people.

Starting your own business can be a easy thing to do but keeping it going now that is the hardest bit, making sure you keep up to date with the latest trends, working out how social media works (yes, it is a lot more complicated for businesses), the late nights and early mornings, losing out on family time plus so much more.

So i thought i would share the top 5 things i have learnt in my first year of business.

1) PATIENCE- You need lots of patience to be a business owner.

From waiting for deliveries, email responses, calls and even selling your products. It doesn't happen over night and you won't make that million pound you are dreaming of just by the click of a button but you will learn that patience does play a massive part in it.

So no central heating for us yet but we will get there. (yes our farm house has no central heating, we only have log burners in the front rooms to heat the house).

2) GRATITUDE- Be grateful for those little wins as they are your big wins at the time.

As a business owner we all want it to be a overnight success and for 99% of us it isn't. We get upset by the smallest loss and we forget to celebrate the little wins which actually turn out to lead to the bigger wins.

Every interaction you get will lead to more people talking about you, which lead to more conversations, which lead to more views on your website and so forth.

Shout out about them, whether you got 2 more extra comments on a post than before, you hit a milestone in your business or you did reach for that chocolate bar that has been looking at you for the past hour, SHOUT OUT ABOUT IT.

3) GO AND GET IT- Business doesn't come to you, you have to go and get it.

Yep that is right, sitting at home behind your laptop will not get you seen everywhere, you have to show up at those events you don't want to go to. You have to go to networking meetings (those have been the best for me), you also have to put yourself out everywhere you can.

Now i'm not saying you need to go and spam everyone with your business, the most important things is to build those relationships, make new friends, make new connections and in the words of my new found friend @thequeenbeedani you have to show up, wise up and rise up.

4) ASK FOR HELP- Don't be afraid to ask for help as all businesses owners have been where you are.

In the very early days of setting up Roo & Fox i remember sitting there thinking i have no idea what all this jargon means, abbreviations for business talk, JPEG or PNG, what i needed, and feeling like a complete fake.

I know now these are all normal things that business owners feel and all i needed to do was ask, instead of trying to show that i knew it when actually i didn't have a clue and in turn made myself look like a goon.

So now if i don't know something i always ask for help whenever i can and know that we all had to learn somewhere at sometime.

5) KEEP BELIEVING- In the words of the song 'don't stop believing'

There have been a few times i wanted to chuck it all in, after spending nights behind my sewing machine and every time i go to sew the needles break or the thread decides it wants to knot up and doesn't want to play ball. When i went to a event and ended up losing all my savings because it wasn't as promised, yes it broke my heart and i lost so much confidence and faith in myself but now i look back and tell myself it was a lesson that i had to learn and although a hard one, i have learnt so much from that happening.

I will still have things that knock me but i will also have 'wow' moments where i sit there and think wow i actually have done this myself or with my team.

I am very proud of everything i have achieved and you will learn to do that too.



By this i mean your true friends those who stick by you through thick and thin, those friends who support you when you are down and pick up the phone, those friends who you have never met before a business meeting but 2 years later they are still there, showing up, supporting you, telling you something in your business doesn't look right and most importantly those friends who are positive and push you to be the best you can be.

I have made many 'business' friends along the way who are now my best friends, i can phone them in the middle of the night because they understand that my website is playing up and i'm panicking as i don't now what to do or i had my first complaint and i took it really hard and wanted to chuck in the towel because of it.

These friends are worth their weight in gold and they know who they are.

Thank you all for being there, through my snotty nose and leaking eye phone calls, for making me laugh when all i want to do is cry. You have been mine pillar of strength and i thank all my friend for being there when i need you.

If you are thinking of starting your own business and would like some advice or support, please feel free to email me on hello@rooandfox.co.uk

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