Memory Roos

Roo & Fox know just how important it is to keep hold of those special people and always have them with you, which is why we are so pleased to introduce you our brand new range which we are calling Memory Roos.

Memory Roos are made up of your loved ones clothing so that you can feel their loving arms around you when ever you need them. 

Customer testimonal

If you could imagine a mother and daughter and best friends all rolled into one that was us. We were so close.

We spent every Saturday together, shopping and lunching before I had my boys and playing in the park or her garden with my boys when they arrived. 

She absolutely adored them both and she was the most amazing Nanna. 

She was such a loving mum and put me first in anything she did always. 

Mum absolutely loved clothes shopping and had more clothes than anyone I know. 

My mum was diagnosed with lung cancer on January 12th 2018 and my whole world was turned upside down, after a very short and awful battle with cancer she passed away March 17th 2018. 

I cant describe the pain of loosing her.

The picture (yellow scarf) was from my 40th birthday, the last birthday I got to spend with her. She bought me that scarf and I will always treasure it. 

I'd always loved scarfs and wear them all the time. 

when clearing mums things I has boxes and boxes of her clothes and knew I wanted to do something special with them to remember her but wasn't sure what. 

I had memory bears made from her clothes for the boys but i wanted something different, something i could wear and keep with me when I needed her. 

I had previously bought a bespoke rainbow Roo from Roo & Fox and loved the idea of the memory roos. It was perfect a scarf that I love, made from my mums clothes with a pocket in which I keep her photograph. 

I can't thank Zallah enough my memory Roo is perfect and makes me smile every time I wear it. 

Thank you with all my heart, I treasure it and whenever I need my mum I wear my Roo and feel close to her.  xxx  Emma xxx


If you are interested in having a Memory Roo made with your loved ones clothing, please head to our shop and order a Memory Roo or if you have some more questions please send us a email at