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Chloe Bucknell Scarf

Roo & Fox are handmade quality products made by Zallah, the creator and founder of the Roo.

The Roo is a scarf with a hidden integrated zip pocket to help you carry your essentials round day to day with the feeling of keeping everything safe. 

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Roo & Fox


Officially trading since June 2019, Roo & Fox has already established a name for producing unique high quality hand-made designer pocket scarves. 

Based on a working family farm setting in the stunning Somerset countryside, Roo & Fox is home to a flock of sheep, chickens, 5 dogs and of course Zallah's Family. 

Zallah created the original Roo in 2018 after becoming frustrated with wearing leggings with no pockets and needed to find a way to help her keep her phone and other valuables safe., whilst working around the farm and walking the dogs.

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